Distributed Transaction is one that spans multiple databases across the network while preserving ACID properties. If a transaction requires service A and B both write to their own database, and rollback if either A or B fails, then it is a distributed transaction.

Microservices guidelines strongly recommend you to use…

The Risk of the Microservices Architecture :

The microservices architecture moves application logic to services and uses a network layer to communicate between them. Communicating over a network instead of in-memory calls brings extra latency and complexity to the system which requires cooperation between multiple physical and logical components. …


During Lock-down period, after wrapping up my head around Docker, Container, Docker-Compose file, Ocelot, Kubernetes & JWT Token based authentication, It’s time to create full-fledged back-end microservice architecture by combining all . Initially, it was difficult to create such architecture but eventually I accomplished all at once .

Application Architecture

The sample…

Sonu Kumar

Software Consultant interested in Microservices / Serverless computing, Middleware / SOA, Event Driven Architecture & Machine Learning.

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